UFC 205 sick betting thread
So uhh... Did things get shuttered up? Did the coppers show up after I left? I never got my Boilermaker, and now kinda curious as to where my Scratch is at. Especially since it appears the wager amounts have changed. Ceiling was 200 and now it says a grand in Sickies for max bet. Anyways. --- Just making sure those that placed bets get paid.
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sorry everyone, i ended up going out on saturday and then sunday i woke up and forgot about the thead before i went to the casino i got into a great poker game and didnt leave the game for like 55 hours and then i came home and slept until a few hours ago. i just paid the winners out just now. sorry about the delay
might be best to let wiggz run the book in the future cuz sometimes i have a tendency to go off the grid for multiple days in a row, oblivious to the outside world
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