New Resident Evil game?
Apparently Sony has a trailer for a new Resident Evil game coming out on Sept 9th. Multiplayer, in the vein of Resident Evil Outbreak, called REsistance.

Here is the trailer for Project REsistance. It’s a 4 v 1 style game like Friday The 13th but in Resident Evil 2 REmake time.

I’ll be getting this fo sho!

More details should be coming it anytime at Tokyo Game Show.

All the info except a release date

The game is being outsourced, it will have 4v1 online AND single player campaign.

If you wanna play closed beta register here to become an RE ambassador, then register for the closed beta.
Not a new trailer for Project REsistance, and not even a Resident Evil game, but here is the trailer for Daymare 1998! Where is a game hugely influenced by Resident Evil 2, like every fuckin part of it.

Weird black ops type agents, a city overrun with monsters and zombies, bad voice acting. Commander Rikk Wolf of Incognito Cinema/Gaming Warriors XP & Robot Co-oP voiced one of the HADES black ops guys too.

So far it’s only out on PC and Steam, Wiggz lookin ya you, but they said it’s coming to console, and I will be getting it.
I want to be hype for this. But there have been sooooooo many horrible RE spin-offs that I'm scared to have hype hopes for this. But I'm watching closely, for sure.
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