What youtube channels do you sub to?
My list:
Truck/trailhawk stuff:
Fearless Trailhawk
Big Truck Big RV

Kid Rock
Frog Leap Studios
Ben Eller Guitar
Shredmaster Scott
Lars Von Retriever

Tractor Stuff:
Outdoors with the Morgans
Kapper Outdoors
Louisiana Tractor Works
Tractor Time with Tim

BBQ Pit Boys
RR Buildings
Down 2 Mob Overland

What do you niggaz watch on the toobz?
Add HCW brother.

[Image: QKR7myw.jpg]
When we outta Slammiverary I’ll throw a bunch in here I’m subbed too.
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I don't subscribe to any channels, but there's a bunch that I keep in my recommended list that I'll check out pretty much every day/week depending how often they upload. Mostly random radio/podcast clips like Opie and Anthony, Ron and Fez / Bennington Show, Legion of Skanks, and lately I've been getting into some Howard Stern stuff, mostly just Artie Lange and Eric the Midget clips. Then I got some video game stuff to have in the background like Cinemassacre / AVGN and UpUpDownDown and Wrestling With Wregret to keep up on the current tv story lines since I don't watch and the old reviews are sometimes entertaining (even if Brian Zane is one of (((them))) and an SJW douche sometimes).

The only thing that annoys me is how much extra shit keeps showing up because of some of the channels I watch being sponsored I guess it leads to other sponsored channels flooding my recommendations, or if I decide to listen to one song from a video game or something I get flooded with channels that are all video game sound tracks. I swear I spend half the time just either clicking 'not interested in channel' or just reporting them for spam to try to get them to stop but nothing works. Even deleting my watch history only seems to help cut it down for a day or 2 and then I end up losing other shit I actually wanna watch.
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Word. Youtubes algorhythms are fucking terrible. Oh you watched a song by a metal band? Maybe you wanna watch some bullshit video about "hip hop head reacts to metal song."

Fuck that gay shit.
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Yea I used to get those "reaction" videos from watching comedian clips, like Bill Burr or someone, and it's always the same shit. Either stoned ghetto black guy, black couple, or foreign/European white couple reacting to shit and God help you if you don't stop the auto play fast enough because they'll take up half your front page with their stupid shit until you delete it from your watch history. Shit is retarded as hell, but at least ad block still works so I don't have to deal with faggy commercials every 30 seconds like when I try to watch something on twitch.
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Sadly i know exactly what ghetto niggers watching bill burr youre talking about.

Their views are sky high. I dont get it. People actually watch other people watching things????? What the fuck????
I follow:

BLVD Bullies (gonzo deathmatch journalism, hipster)
Chris Ray Gun
Cinnemassacre (Angry Video Game Nerd)
Count Dankula
HeadbangerBotch (Botchamania)
MLW Wrestling
Oats Studios (Neil Blomkap test reels)
Official Jim Cornette
Oxhorn (Fallout lore videos)
Paul Joseph Watson
Pro Wrestling Cinema (good comps)
Randy Quaid
Ricky Berwick
Robot Co-op
Shlak TV
Steven Crowder
The Rageaholic
Wrestling With Wregret
You Suck At Cooking (comedy cooking videos)
Zebra Corner (makes fun of Chevy commercials)

Bunch more but nothing really all that interesting, but there are some gems in that list.
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I go to YouTube.com and I look at videos.
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
I aint typing so Im just gonna screen shot my subs.

There are a lot of other channels I watch and follow but don't subscribe to because they post way too fucking much and clogs my subscription feed.

[Image: XZqLTdo.png]
[Image: QKR7myw.jpg]
Comic Artist Pro Secrets
Comics Matter w ya boi zack
Yellow Flash
Meowth, That's Right!
secret message:  jews rock!!
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(01-11-2011, 03:49 PM)Ivan Ooze Wrote: Broken pieces of glass on your floor after I fart in a jar

Attached!!! I need to subscribe to HCW!

Y’all should subscribe to FLAPJACK WILSON rite


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I’m subbed to the following:

Joe Rogan podcast
Redletter Media
Angry Joe Show
Secular Talk
Jimmy Dore show
History Buffs
Angry Video Game Nerd
H3h3 podcast
Ive been slowly going through these. I just noticed wiggz has one where hes the only subscriber agag
(07-17-2019, 07:50 PM)kush Wrote: Ive been slowly going through these. I just noticed wiggz has one where hes the only subscriber agag

I was looking through. Thats the Roofing company I do drone stuff for. My sister was too stupid to download from Mega so I would upload to there then she'd get the video from there. I had to go setup mega sync for her so I didnt have to do that anymore.
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