HCW Results Log
Current Status as of 6/8/19
Champion - Macho Ma'am
Midcard Champ - Tammy York
Manlet Champ - Lil Xan
Tag Champ - The Lils
Women's Champ - Hotrod Heather

AJ98 vs Jesus - AJ98 
Cena Harambe vs Komen Reigns - Komen Reigns via DQ (Interference by Cena Fan)
Anna May Cottenbelly vs Hooters Girl vs Kari Darfari vs Feminist - Anna May Cottenbelly
Hard Justice vs Lil Johnson + Lil Xan - Hard Justice (Big Dick Johnson pinned Lil Xan)
GTA Tryhard vs Your Mom (C-Midcard) - Your Mom (Pin)
Ali Jihad vs Lil Peep vs Air Humper - Air Humper (Pinned Ali Jihad)
<Illegal Alien cuts promo challenging Donald Trump>
Avalos vs Boogie © - Avalos (pin)

Fattie vs God - God (pin)
<Babs cuts promo on Bernie Smith, forms new tag team>
Amy Fisher + Casey Anthony vs Babs + Bernie Smith - Casey Anthony (via Chloroform Claw on Babs)
John Boyd Donner (w/Kari Darfari) vs Cult Sullivan - Colt Sullivan (pin) 
Noid + Air Humper + Seaman + Lil Peep vs GTA Try Hard + Soy Boy + SJW + Ali Jihad - Seaman (pinned Ali Jihad)
Earl Ray Cottenbelly vs Welfare Jackson - Earl Ray (pin)
Affleck Batman vs Dead - Affleck Batman (pin)
Tammy York vs Your Mom (C-Midcard) - Tammy York (Submission)

Dead vs Hedgehogg - Hedgehogg (ping)
AJ98 vs God - God (DQ - AJ hit God with sledgehammer)
Gold Harambe vs Tammy York (C-Midcard) - Tammy York (pin)
Hotrod Heather vs Amy Blake vs Kari Darfari vs Feminist vs Haevyn Cashmere - Hotrod Heather (pin) <Longest match in HCW history - 32min)
Wiggz vs Illegal Alien - Illegal Alien (pin)
Sea-Man vs Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson (pin)
Battle Royal for #1 Contender - Filthy Rich, Your Mom, Cult Sullivan, Affleck Batman, Boogie, Earl Ray Cottenbelly, Lil Peep, Cena Fan - Filthy Rich (eliminated Boogie)

<Message From Beyond the Grave>

AJ98 Promo on Fattie.  Message from Ouija Board
Lil Johnson vs Ali Jihad - Ali Jihad (pin)
The Codfather vs The Sea-man - The Sea-Man (pin)
Gigga Nigga vs Tammy York (C-Midcard) - Tammy York (submission)
Earl Ray Cottenbelly vs Gold Money - Earl Ray Cottenbelly (pin)
Feminist vs Amy Blake vs Miss America - Miss America (pined Feminist)
John Boyd Donner (w/Kari Dafari) vs Colt Sullivan - John Boyd Donner (pin)
<Trump Promo>
Filthy Rich vs Avalos © - Avalos (pin)

<HCW He's Coming>

Extreme Humps
<Avalos Promo looking for all comers)
Hard Justice vs Teletubbies © - Hard Justice (Dick Justice pinned Green Teletubby)
<Filthy Rich Promo>
Michael Jackson vs Willy Wonka (C-Manlet) - Willy Wonka (ping)
<AJ98 Promo>
Fattie (new attire) vs AJ98 - Fattie (pin)
<Leukemia Promo>
Your Mom vs Affleck Batman vs Tammy York (C-Midcard) - Tammy York (Pinned Your Mom)
<Dead Promo>
Hooters Girl vs Miss America vs Amy Fisher vs Bad Baby © - Bad Baby (Pinned Hooters Girl)
Illegal Alien vs Donald Trump - Illegal Alien (pin)
<Cena Fan Promo>
Avalos © vs Filthy Rich vs AJ98 vs Cena Fan vs Leukemia - Filthy Rich © (Avalos becomes possessed and is mangled. Pinned by Filthy Rich)

<Alexa Shoots on Fattie>

(More updates to come)
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Whoa nice man
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Top of the Heap Tournament
Affleck Batman vs Fattie - Batman (pin)
Wiggz vs Dead - Wiggz (pin)
Aj98 vs Boogie - AJ98 (pin)
Mummy Avalos vs Hedgehogg - Avalos (pin)
Affleck Batman vs Wiggz - Wiggz (pin)
Avalos vs AJ98 - AJ98 (pin)
<Filthy Rich Promo>
AJ98 vs Wiggz - Wiggz (pin)
Wiggz vs Filthy Rich © - Filthy Rich (pin)

Al Dirty vs Fro vs Diddles the Clown vs Dumpster Dave vs Chase Chandler - Dumpster Dave (pinned Al Dirty)
John Boyd Donner vs Colt Sullivan - John Boyd Donner (pin)
Cena Fan vs Hedgehogg - Cena Fan (pin)
Joe Grizzly vs BLM (Handicap match) - BLM (Gigga Nigga via pin)
Casey Anthony vs Hotrod Heather vs Amy Blake vs Kari Darfari vs Feminist vs Bad Baby © vs Miss America vs Babs - Hotrod Heather
Earl Ray Cottenbelly vs Illegal Alien - Illegal Alien (pin)
Wiggz vs Filthy Rich © - Wiggz (pin)

Bar S Battle Royal
Cena Fan vs Cena Harambe - Cena Fan (pin)
The Lils vs Hard Justice © - The Lils (Lil Peep submits Dick Justice)
John Boyd Donner vs Tammy York (C-Midcard) - Tammy York (pin)
Jesus vs Noid vs Lady Man vs Lil Xan vs Al Dirty vs Leisure Larry Sexton vs Roman Fan vs Willy Wonka (C-Manlet) - Lil Xan (pinned Noid)
Feminist vs Amy Blake vs Bad Baby vs Hotrod Heather © - Bad Baby (Submitted Feminist)
Illegal Alien vs Wiggz © - Wiggz (pin)
Battle Royal
Earl Ray Cottenbelly
Filthy Rich
Joe Grizzly
Fay Wyatt
Gold Harambe
Gold Money
(Gay Wyatt and Joe Grizzly eliminate Earl Ray Cottenbelly)
GTA Tryhard
(Gold Money eliminates Joe Grizzly)
(Gold Harambe eliminates GTA Tryhard)
(Gold Harambe eliminates Fattie)
(Filthy Rich eliminates Diddles)
(Filthy Rich eliminates Gay Wyatt)
Ali Jihad
(Filthy Rich immediately eliminates Ali Jihad)
The Codfather
Air Humper
(Gold Harambe eliminates Codfather)
Affleck Batman
Colt Sullivan
(Gold Money immediately eliminates Colt Sullivan)
(Gold Harambe and Gold Money eliminate Fro)
(Gold Harambe eliminates Dead)
(Filthy Rich eliminates Gold Harambe)
Fattie Nipples
(Affleck Batman eliminates Filthy Rich)
Chase Chandler
(Gold Money eliminates Fattie Nipples)
(Chase Chandler eliminates Air Humper)
(Affleck eliminates Chase Chandler)
Komen Reigns
(AJ98 eliminates Affleck)
Iron Harambe
(Dipsy eliminates Iron Harambe)
(Dipsy eliminates Gold Money)
(Leukemia eliminates Sea-Man)
Gigga Nigga
Tinky Winky
Boogie Man
(Dipsy eliminates Komen Reigns)
(Boogie eliminates AJ98)
Macho Ma'am
(Gigga Nigga eliminates Tinky Winky)
(Dipsy eliminates Laa-Laa)
(Gigga Nigga eliminates Boogie)
(Macho Ma'am eliminates Leukemia)
(Dipsy eliminates Po)
(Macho Ma'am eliminates Dipsy)
(Macho Ma'am elminiates Gigga Nigga)
Macho Ma'am - Winner

Elimination Count
Dipsy - 5
Gold Harambe - 4.5
Filthy Rich - 4
Gold Money - 3.5
Macho Ma'am - 3
Affleck - 2
Gigga Nigga - 2
Chase Chandler - 1
AJ98 - 1
Leukemia - 1
Boogie - 1
Gay Wyatt - .5
Joe Grizzly - .5

<WWE's Lacey Evans shoots on Dead>
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Lil Xan is manlet champ by the way.

You are absolutely killing it with this man. This fucking rocks.
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Leukemia vs Habanero vs Kitty Mask vs Pepe Lopez - Kitty Mask (Pinned Leukemia)
<Affleck Batman attacks AJ98 back stage - AJ98 Winner>
Teletubbies vs BLM - Teletubbies (Purple Tubby pinned Welfare Jackson)
Hotrod Heather vs Bhad Bhaby w/ Dr. Phil © - Hotrod Heather (pin, new champ)
Cena Fan vs Tammy York (C-Midcard) - Tammy York (submission)
<Dead cuts promo on WWE's Lacey Evans>
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Gender Neutral Jamboree
Gay Wyatt vs Lady Man (Loser leaves HCW) - Lady Man
Hard Justice vs Alt Left - Alt Left (Soyboy pins pink dude)
Feminist vs Fattie's No Sex Hooker - Fatties No Sex Hooker (pin)
Affleck Batman vs Dupster Dave - Dumpster Dave (pin)
Diddles vs Cena Fan - Cena Fan (pin)
Aj98 vs Tammy York - Tammy York (via DQ after interference from Affleck Batman)
Macho Ma'am vs Wiggz © - Macho Ma'am (new champ)
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<Donald Trump Promo. Strips Mach Ma'am of title for having aids. Wiggz wants his belt back, Wiggz is given his belt back>
Lils w/Xan vs Alt Left w/Lady Man - Draw via countout
Fattie w/No Sex Hooker vs Fro - Fattie (pin)
Kitty Mask vs Dumpster Dave - Dumpster Dave (pin)
Klaus Von Sabor vs Paul Johnson - Paul Johnson (pin)
Affleck Batman vs AJ98 - Batman (pin)
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Added the latest episodes. Going to do the first 12 Episodes today. And kind of cleaned it up the way I like it. (OCD as fuck rite)

But this is what Im doing at work today. Going to do all the other episodes.

I also got to go back and figure out some match types and stipulations. 

Mostly just want to add match cards to the video descriptions once these are all done.
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Fuck, what am I going to do now when I'm bored at work?
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Do Statistics. Win/Loss Records.

That'll kill some time.
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Any ideas on how to do that? Seems like I need a proper database of some type otherwise it's going to be a lot of repetition in a spreadsheet. If you've got ideas let me know, I won't be able to really look into it until next week.
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I don't know I was just bullshitting.
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HCW – Episode #022 – The Gauntlet
Tammy York vs. Boogie (Tammy York via Pinfall)
Tammy York vs. Cena Fan (Cena Fan via Pinfall)
Tammy York vs. Your Mom (Tammy York via Pinfall)
Tammy York vs. Maniac Cop (Tammy York via Submission)
Tammy York vs. Sid Istic (Tammy York via Submission)

HCW – Episode #023
wWo vs. Alt Left (Alt Left via fast count)
Northern Falcon vs. JJ Jackson (JJ Jackson via DQ)
Cena Fan vs. Leisure Larry Sexton (Cena Fan via Pinfall)
8-Man Elimination Match (Sea-Man)
Tammy York vs. Dumpster Dave (Tammy York via Pinfall)

HCW – Episode #024
BLM vs. Border Jumpers (Border Jumpers via Submission)
Holly Hatchet vs. Khari Dafari vs. Feminist (Feminist via Pinfall)
AJ98 vs. Filthy Rich (Filthy Rich via Pinfall)
Earl Ray Cottonbelly vs. Macha Ma’am (Macho Ma’am via Pinfall)
Boogie vs. Affleck (Boogie via Pinfall)

HCW – Episode #025
Klaus Von Sabor vs. Codfather (Klaus via Pinfall)
Hard Justice vs. wWo (wWo via Pinfall)
Hooters McGillicutty vs. Miss America vs. Mrs. Bernie Smith (Miss America via Pinfall)
Chase Chandler vs. Illegal Alien vs. Northern Falcon vs. Lil Xan vs. Ali Jihad (Ali Jihad via Pinfall)
Boogie vs. Affleck/AJ98 (Boogie via Pinfall)
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