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Wanted to make a thread dedicated to new and old wrestling merch. As mentioned before, I collect wrestling belts and some figures as well as other random pieces. My shirt collection is ever-growing but I frequently come across shirts that catch my interest (good and often bad) that I would never wear so I might as well start sharing them here.

I'll kick it off with this statue/figure that I had no idea existed. From what I have seen, it is pretty damn detailed and I would consider picking one of these up of someone who interests me more...but for now, this UK based company's first subject is Jimmy Havok:

[Image: website+product+page+square+image+ratio....rmat=1500w]

If you are interested in ordering one, here is the link:

Looking forward to seeing what you Sick Fucks can come up with!
[Image: WmfNhHX.png]
I really wanna get my hands on an all white, with red lettering Die Havoc Die shirt. The ones he would wear when he was gon get real bloody.

Pro Wrestling Tees has a couple of alright ones for him.
[Image: QKR7myw.jpg]
Don’t mind me - just posting some Dick pics.

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MFW my Dick is bigger
[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=13632903]
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Super Hot Merch. Hot off the press.

[Image: IMG-7139.jpg]

Hot Doggin in style.
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