Sony really doesn't want you to roll back your username
If you want to change your name, you go do it in the PS4 interface or through the Sony website.

If you want to roll back your name you need to:
- Chat with a Sony rep (or call them).  The link takes you to a page that doesn't tell you what to do.
They then want:
-- First and last 4 digits of a payment method you've used on the account.
-- Description of at least 2 things you've purchased with the account
-- Your phone number
-- Your real name
-- The city you were in when you first created the account (Or general metro area)
--  The S/N of the first device you used the account on. 

Very clear Sony isn't keen on you changing your name back without paying.
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I guess youre remaining the HCW Champ in all our hearts huh?
Change it to Former HCW Champion.
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I've heard the PSN name change fucks up your game saves and trophy data and everything. Even digital purchases. Fuck that noise.
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I saw that too, but then went thru the list on their site of games that they're testing and what games have issues and it doesn't seem to be a big deal. The games where it's the worst as far as losing save data and that stuff is just a handful of older games like MLB The Show '14-'16 and Little Big Planet 3, and the minor issues seems to mostly just be your old name still shows up in game or it reverts to default settings. I skimmed thru the lists and only saw one game that I currently play on the "minor issues" list and so far I haven't seen any problems. Here's the what they've tested so far and you can go thru the tabs for what games have issues or not.
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Well that's good to know. Way better than what some sites are making it out to be.
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