WWE: WrestleMania 35
Had to take a dump. Told my lady to pay attention to the women’s match and send me detailed notes.

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Calling the finish now. After the women's main event they all hug and cry in the middle of the ring because of course, when suddenly the lights cut out...and instead of the usual gong a loud gavel banging plays over the speakers....and then walking down the ramp is....JUDGE UNDERTAKER. He calls the 3 broads into Wrestler's Court for disrespecting the business by trying to close the show and sentences them all to 20 pure strikes and a bottle of Jack. Suddenly the entire women's division runs out and surround the ring, then they all hit their finishers on Undertaker and stand tall to close the show and killing the evil sexist Undertaker. Yay womyn's rights!!!!
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