Meeting a backpage prostitute in a couple of days
Lol. You guys are so silly
Correction: her name is Sharon. I bumped into her again today at the bingo hall. We got to talking and she told me more about herself. We’re meeting up again on monday and im taking her out for dinner.
Don’t believe a single word.
I have to drive home right now, go ahead and ask your questions. I’ll respond when i get home.
This is just sad.

Time to purge AJ.
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Lemme guess, AJ’s gotta drive an hour to meet her.
I would back a vote on a temporary AJ ban. When he is just being a normal guy, I enjoy him. But his autism flares up and he starts binge lying And it’s weird.
I think he just needs to go. He can come back as a gimmick like he always does, live the gimmick for a few weeks until he spergs out and starts being AJ again.
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I’m afraid if we perma ban him, he will kill himself.
Ill give him one more post to admit he's a loser and clear up his bingo milf fantasy as bullshit. Then Im not banning him, Im erasing him.
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Alright fine. I’ll stop talking about this woman i met if you really want. Lock this thread if you have to. But i am really being serious here. I met a lady at bingo yesterday, saw her again today and made plans to hang out again on monday. Ask me questions about her if you want. I’ll answer them best i can.
Give me her phone number.
[Image: QKR7myw.jpg]
Didnt get that far yet. And i would never give you her number anyway. We planned to go do bingo again on monday and then i’m buying her dinner afterwards.
You don't make plans with someone and not have their phone number.

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