The Trailer Park
Yaaa both of those movies should have just been called David: The Homicidal Geneticist Android
Focusing on a kid, focusing on humor, hybrids?, Olivia Munn, fast daylight predators, idk man I think it’s gonna be shit.
Predator is my all time favorite movie character, I have a ton of predator comics and cross overs, I have hundreds of dollars of predator action figures still in box, my expectations are sky high.
(05-10-2018, 12:56 PM)MrFattie6745 Wrote: Ever since I got burned so hard on Prometheus and new Alien, I don’t trust this movie at all.

those were ridley scott movies. Those movies suck.

This is directed by shane black. Two different directors two different franchises.

New movie coming out called The Happytime Murders. Don’t by one of the guys whose being doing Mulpets for a long time. Looks like small bits of inspiration were taken from Meet The Feebles possibly. I’m so fucking down even if Melissa McCarthy is in it.
I wont even watch that trailer cause shes in it.
they lost me at making fun of drug overdosing. It looks a little too gimmicky to be honest. I'm probably not watching it.
Making fun of drug overdosing crosses the line for ya? I’ll remember that the next time a celebrity overdoses, gonn be throwing a party up in this bitch!
Hey if people think its funny and they want to laugh at it, thats fine. I personally think its sickening and ignorant.
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Oh I’m sickening alright, sickening like someone choking on their own vomit as they OD from taking to many pills.
I'm watching it simply because of the gimmick. A rated R Muppet movie. Why not? It's not a theater viewer but most comedies aren't.
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(05-19-2018, 05:31 AM)5150 Wrote: I'm watching it simply because of the gimmick. A rated R Muppet movie. Why not? It's not a theater viewer but most comedies aren't.

Go watch Meet the Feebles. Now. Its commonly referred to as 'Muppets on Acid'.

Whats even funnier is after you watch it, realizing the director is now an Oscar winning director and the man who directed the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

I lost my shit when Peter Jackson was announced to direct Lord of the Rings. I was like surely its not the Dead Alive, Meet the Feebles, Bad Taste Peter Jackson. It was. Haha.

When he won the oscar for Return of the King he mentioned Meet the Feebles in his speech. It was great.
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Meet the Feebles and Bad Tatse need to get blu-ray treatment already.

And I remember Meet the Feebles being referred to as Muppets on Crack but Muppets on Acid works as well I suppose.

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Honoring all the fine women that served in WW2.
there were women who served in ww2. not a lot, but they existed.

also... its a video game ffs. get over it you big fatty!!
Do you have to be on the faggot side of EVERY fucking arguement. Can you just once be cool, just once in your life, just be cool, ok, just once?
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(05-23-2018, 06:20 PM)AJ98 Wrote: there were women who served in ww2. not a lot, but they existed.

Enough to warrant making the cover of the game? Not to mention that Battlefield 1 has a black man on the cover.

Because when I think of WW I and WWII, first thing that comes to mind are black men and disabled women.

If you don't see this as pandering you're blind and/or stupid.

Can't wait to play Battlefield V...agina
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meh. I get the criticism. That makes sense to me. Based on what I saw in the reveal trailer it doesn't look like its going to be that heavily focused on portraying the reality of the second world war, and its probably going to lean more on fantasy elements and greater customization for individual players than what any soldier in that war actually wore for attire or used for weapons. That was afterall kind of a criticism for BF1 that it's dedication to depicting WW1 was a detriment to its fun factor and gameplay. I personally don't care for the pandering. Its just a video game to me and really not that big of a deal. I was mostly just being an troll idiot in my previous posts. calm da fuck down you guys.
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