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Heck then a Kek - SHC - 10-06-2019

They only announced 4 matches. Fucking hell.

Women’s HiaC was pretty good all things considered.
Roman and D-Bryan vs. Bludgeon Brothers 4.0 was decent
Ali and Orton up now...let’s see how this goes.

RE: Heck then a Kek - dead - 10-06-2019

I’m just glad this is the last match and it’s almost over. This has fuckin sucked. The last 3 matches have fucking drug on.

RE: Heck then a Kek - dead - 10-06-2019

Welp ending in soaring boos.

RE: Heck then a Kek - SHC - 10-06-2019

They almost had the makings of an amazing character...and they blew it. They fucking blew it.

RE: Heck then a Kek - Wiggz - 10-07-2019

A guy in a slipknot mask is an amazing character?

RE: Heck then a Kek - 5150 - 10-07-2019

Fucking idiots. The Fiend is the best thing in wrestling in the past 20 years. I shouldn't even be surprised WWE fucked it up. That's what they do best. Hell in a Cell deserved to go off with chants of boos and AEW.

RE: Heck then a Kek - Wiggz - 10-07-2019

Alright.... I watched the main event. Whats the problem? Whys everyone so huffy puffy about it?

Isn't The Fiends whole thing "Let Me in" and he got into the head of Seff Lollins making him go mad. Seems like some clear cut story telling to me.

And the very end was pretty fucking violent all things considered. Mandible claw and blood pouring out of Rawlings mouth. Looked like a horror movie.

I mean whats that character going to do with the title?

I swear wrestling fans are the biggest bunch of titty babies there are when they don't get what they want.

The rest of the show was pretty lame and retarded but aside from the red cage and the red lights, that was some pretty basic shit to understand.

RE: Heck then a Kek - dead - 10-07-2019

I just find it funny that all the articles n shit keep saying DQ, when it wasn’t, it was referee stoppage, like the ref tried to “appeal to the humanity” of Seth, and stopped the match because it went too far. It wasn’t a disqualification.

RE: Heck then a Kek - SHC - 10-07-2019

There are a few things flawed with the ref stoppage. 1) It was poorly done and never acknowledged on air or to the crowd. 2) WWE tweeted out (but later removed) that Bray had won by DQ. This was the 2nd non-finish of the night. 3) The referee could have stopped the match prior to the sledgehammer incident. 4) Bray had a bigger sledgehammer he was going to use. Where was the ref then? 5) The ending made it clear that the ref did not make the right call.

That aside, the crowd had plenty to be pissed about before the red lights, before the main event, and even before the show.